About us

Weles Acoustics was founded as a technology start-up in 2016 in Rybnik Poland by three friends Łukasz Stano, Iban Cereijo and Marcin Korbasiewicz – specialists in the field of acoustics. Inspired by the latest acoustic research, and yet untapped potential of such technology, we set out to create a transducer capable of direct measurement of particle velocity.

This goal was achieved in early 2017 with the introduction of the first broad band Weles particle velocity sensor. Since then, we kept on innovating, Weles Acoustics team had grown and our particle velocity sensor was equipped with a microphone, thus creating a true acoustic multi meter - a sound probe able to measure all acoustic quantities with just one device and in the entire acoustic bandwidth.

Today, we continue to develop our core technology. We focus on perfecting our tools in order to expand the capabilities of existing and future acoustic measurement solutions. The mission of Weles Acoustics is to propose the highest level of acoustic measurement tools enabling scientist and engineers to aspire for quieter and healthier acoustic environments.

Best of luck in your current measurement campaign,
Weles Acoustics Team


Weles Acoustics Sp. z o.o.

Przemysłowa 13 st.
44-203 Rybnik, Poland
e-mail: info@weles-acoustics.com
tel. +48 882 832 192